Top 5 Gift Ideas Under $100 for the Jeep Lover in Your Life

It’s almost Christmas! The Holiday season is exciting for so many reasons – time with family, gorging on delicious cookies, finally getting some winter wheeling. We all have big things on our Jeep wishlist and so do the Jeep lovers in our lives – but unless your Santa is the kind of Santa that brings full G2 Dana 44 axles with ARB lockers, you’re going to be working with a smaller budget. It is possible to buy presents for a Jeeper without breaking the bank.

Here are our Jeeps Always Top 5 Gift Ideas Under $100 for the Jeep Lover in Your Life


Rugged Ridge LED 3rd Brake Light


When the weather outside is frightful, safety on the roads is paramount.  Nothing says “Hey guy-behind-me! I’m stopping now!” than the LED 3rd Brake Light from Rugged Ridge.  It also looks way cooler than a tiny little 3rd brake light hidden up there above the oversized spare tire.  Available for both the Jeep JK and Jeep JL for  under $100.


Bullet Antenna

The Jeep Wrangler? Very cool.  The stock antenna? Not very cool at all.  Switch out that whip antenna for a tougher look like The Shorty 50 Cal Bullet Antenna (pictured)or a 13” Stubby Antenna from Rugged Ridge.  They look cooler and don’t get caught up in tree limbs or car washes.  Antennas will come made to fit your Wrangler or come with the proper adapters.  Pick one up for between $20 and $50.

Tire Deflator


If you’re hitting the trails, you know you’re going to be dropping the pressure in your tires for maximum performance.  Have someone on your Christmas list just getting into the lifestyle? Set them up for success with their own tire deflator – that way they won’t be borrowing yours!  We love the ARB Tire Deflator ($40.85) and the Rapid Air Deflator ($37.99) from Combat Off Road.

Door Entry Guards


The Rugged Ridge Door Entry Guards will stand up to the test of time and those feet coming in and out of your Jeep. These adhere with automotive-grade 3M tape to protect the entrance of your jeep from wear and scratches. They also provide a nice grip for your foot so you don’t slip while entering or exiting your Jeep. Get them for your Jeep TJ, JK, JL or Gladiator for $20 to $50.


Fuel Door

Most Jeep models have the gas cap exposed to the elements, leaving you to try and brush or clean away the sand, mud, or snow before filling up. Adding a fuel door will keep your gas cap and fuel filler clear of debris while adding some additional style to your rider.  Although there are locking doors available, we prefer the non-locking doors – the locks never seem to stand up to northern winters. There are lots of fuel door options out there, but we are partial to the Fuel Containment Door from Combat Off Road.  Their door is available for both the JK and JL and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas everyone!