Jeep Off Roading - Be Prepared For Anything When You Go Off Roading

Off roading is an adrenaline rush like no other, except jeep off roading in snow. However, when off roading it is important to plan well and think of safety first, as with any extreme sport, injuries are always a possibility. With winter off roading, one has to take into account the severe cold temperatures and possibility of being stranded in such conditions. If hurt and stranded, this could be fatal.

When planning an off roading winter adventure there is some precautionary things to keep in mind and bring along. Recovery gear is essential in any off roading adventure, but even more so important with winter conditions. Make sure you have packed tow hooks, snatch straps, and winches. These will be your lifeline if stuck in 6 feet of snow. Snow shovels are also important to bring. When stuck in snow, sometimes it can be as easy a digging the snow away from around the tires, frame and axel for relief.

Make sure you know what you are driving into before charging in. It is easier to maneuver and get on top of packed or wet heavy snow then deep dry snow. Therefore, when facing 6 feet of dry snow, it is wise to reconsider unless your intent is to see how deep you can bury your jeep. Pay attention to the terrain around the trail as you go in and the weather. If it gets warm and snow begins to melt and get slushy, make sure your exit route is suitable for those conditions.

Have you ever heard the saying 'spinning your wheels in place gets you no where'? Well in jeep off roading, that saying could not be truer. When spinning your wheels you are digging your jeep in deeper then it already was. Let up on the throttle, try to back up turning wheel to find new track, if all else fails pull out the shovel or other recovery gear.

Make sure your jeep is equipped with tires to handle the snow. Wide flexible tires work well under snow off roading conditions. Bring along a mobile air tank for re-airing your tires. When off roading in snow, lowering the air pressure in your tires helps with surface contact. Keep all unnecessary stuff at home or off the trail. Keep your jeep as light as possible to stay on top off the snow. Dependent upon conditions you may even want to remove your hardtop.

Locking differentials are an advantage on snow. The ability to turn them on and off according to terrain needs will help in keeping your tires from spinning, or jeep from sliding down a hill. Make sure your coolant system is up for the challenge. Jeep off roading in snow is hard on an engines coolant system, especially if breaking new ground. Periodically check to make sure the radiator does not become packed with snow and coolant level is appropriate for temperatures of off roading location.

Make sure to dress appropriately for weather conditions. Bring along a sleeping bag, extra water, and some food. Always inform someone outside of your group what trails you intend on hitting and your expect arrival time home. Go jeep off roading with others for safety.

By following these simple tips, you can have an exciting time jeep off roading in the winter at exotic places such as Iceland, the Antarctica, Colorado, Maine, Canada, or Alaska. The locations are limitless for great times off roading in the snow.

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